about me

amanda (goes by ami, or cat)
pt-br/eng ok
a 97 line scorpio
architecture student

video games,
webtoons, kdramas, lofi music, cats, the sky, traveling, horror stuff

main crushes

jung hoseok & ot7 - bts
ot9 - fromis_9
park seoham - knk
kim hyunjin, son hyejoo, kim jungeun, choi yerim - loona
seo jisoo - lovelyz
park sooyoung - red velvet
han jisung, seo changbin & ot9 - stray kids

+ find the full list here

    정호석 my blue side


    —ㅤ games

    stardew valley

    —ㅤ manga

    yakusoku no neverland

    —ㅤ anime

    my hero academia
    yakusoku no neverland
    the rising of the shield hero

    —ㅤ shows

    the walking dead
    bts run
    one more time
    tidying up with marie kondo

    —ㅤ podcast

    happy face