about me

amanda (goes by ami, or cat)
pt-br/eng ok
a 97 line scorpio
architecture student

video games, webtoons, kdramas, lofi music, cats, the sky, traveling, ice cream, dancing, horror stuff

main crushes

welcome to my campsite
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    hoseok, my deer type villager

      jisung, my hamster type villager

        joy, my bird type villager

          beomgyu, my tiger type villager


          —ㅤ games

          stardew valley

          —ㅤ manga

          yakusoku no neverland

          —ㅤ anime

          my hero academia
          yakusoku no neverland
          the rising of the shield hero

          —ㅤ shows

          the walking dead
          bts run
          one more time
          tidying up with marie kondo


          happy face